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Here at Alan Johns Farm Machinery we take pride in the quality of the Machines we stock. Whether you need a custom machine for a specific purpose or are looking to replace that tired old tractor or seeder with a new or bigger model, but don't feel the need to invest in a brand new one

Spare Parts

We stock a large inventory of spare parts and we also recover parts from tear downs.

Refurbished Machines

We have many years of experience reburishing farm machinery

Our Conversions

Alan Johns Farm Machinery was started 40 years ago by Alan Johns specialising in combines and seeders, combine conversions and direct drill conversions..


International Scarifier Parts

$132.00 & $44.00

New tyne shanks with head to suit International 211 scarifier ..  Tension rod for spring on 211 scarifier



Top cup to suit either screw in type hose or rubber convoluted hose

Ratchet drum


Ratchet drum P/N 803901 R!

36 tooth change cog


36 tooth change cog  P/N 806305 R91

Bevel gear


Star drive bevel gear good second hand P/N AP 413 B

Fertiliser drive sprocket


Fert drive cog goes on main shaft P/N 805317 R1

Sowing Boots


front and rear sowing boots P/N Front 804318 R11 & Rear 804319 R11

Long fingered star


High rate fertiliser stars also suits International air seeders P/N 805496 R11

15 tooth change cog


15 Tooth change cog P/N 805324 R11

45 Tooth change


45 Tooth change cog for low rate applications

12 tooth change cog


12 Tooth change cog $805.86 R11

38 tooth top crank sprocket


Top crank sprocket P/N 803732 R1

Reguler fertiliser star


Regula Fertiliser star P/N 805495 R11

511 STUB & HUB


 Stub and hubs to suit 511 inter combines, not large stub axle 28 rows or 5120

12 tooth ssbox c/d sprocket


12 toot small seed box counter drive sprocket P/N  837625 R1

Small seed box fluted roller


Fluted roller  P/N 800546 R1

Hectare meter


After Market meter measures up to 99 hectares. I can supply drive gears for 20,24 abd 28 row seed drills

Screw handle trunion


Screw handle trunion P/N                   holding collars available as well

pinion gear


Fertiser shaft pinion gears good second hand P/N

Cast Bearing


Cast bearing suit 2-10 and 211 Inter scarifiers P/Ns804772 R13 and 804773 R13

!8 tooth grain drive sprocket


18 Tooth grain drive sprocket for A6-1 and 6-2 seed drills P/N 803877 R1

Screw handle holding clip


Screw handle holding clip P/N 804354 R1

Axle seal


Axle seal siuts 6-1, 62 and 511, not large stub axle 28 rows P/N 803242R1



International scarifier front spring pivot, 804778R3.
Call Tony 0417399796

Small seed box drop tube


SSB drop tube P/N 804371R92

Paul spring


Paul spring P/N 76 DA

12 tooth sprocket


12 tooth sprocket to increase sowing rates P/N 803885 R1



Pawl, P/N DC500 Fabricated pawl for ratchet drums. $27.50. Call Tony 0417399796

Our Conversions

Alan Johns Conversions

From $8365

New Alan Johns Three row direct drill drill trash flow combine conversions, Contact Tony 0417399796

Alan Johns Tyne assembly


AJM tyne complete, bolts onto 65mm and 75mm RHS. 350 lb breakout, Ideal to retool seeders.
Contact Tony on 0417399796


Silvan boom spray


Sivan pasture mate boom spray, 6 meter manual folding boom, double sided foam marker, spot sprayer, fresh water hand wash. Only used twice, like new. $4950 Inc, Contact Tony on 0417399796


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